The GrandBand is a unique, functional, expandable money/ credit card clip you can also use to conveniently hold 
business cards, drivers license or to simply organize and securely wrap your valuable papers and checkbook. 

Grand Band® Replaces Your Wallet... Secures Your Cash and Cards During Travel
A unique accessory for those who prefer not to carry a wallet.
 Stretchy band with an engraveable panel. Position horizontally for credit cards, vertically for bills.


Let us put a Grand in your pocket (a Grand Band that is!)
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Classic Collection

Luxe Stainless Steel Collection
Luxe Stainless Steel Alligator Collection
Luxe Sterling Silver Collection
Luxe Sterling Silver Alligator Collection
Luxury for Less Collection
Luxe Vermeil Collection
Jumbo Collection
Grand Band Corporate Program
Replacement Rubber Bands

 The GrandBand is slim and utilizes strong interchangeable rubber bands.
               The Grand Band is a practical, affordable, unisex gift item that lasts a lifetime and makes a lasting impression.

   What actually is a Grand Band ?
 GrandBands  consists of  metallic component, the rubber band, and elegant gift packaging.
 Many styles are customizable to create a unique and personal gift.

        Metallic Component

Grand Bands are available in 14kt gold, sterling silver(925) and 14kt. gold combinations,
sterling silver and, stainless steel, anodized aluminum and vermeil

The metal plate is die struck and hand polished and then coated to retard tarnishing.

Dimensions of the Classic Collection plate are approximately1.5" x 5/16"
Luxe Collections plates that are approximately 1.75" x 7/16"
Jumbo Collection plates are
approximately 2.00" x 11/16"

Custom engraving is available on most styles.

                 Rubber Band Component          

The rubber band component of the Grand Band is strong, natural rubber, interchangeable and available in a large selection of standard colors. 
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